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Erin, Orangeville, Mono, Shelburne, Grand Valley, Ontario and parts of Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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Junk Car Removal

We provide junk car removal service in your area and pay reasonable cash for your junk car. Junk car is a car of any age but smashed or defected to the point that it cannot be fixed. Junk car will be prohibited to operate on public streets and highways because it is not safe for the public or the driver anymore.

Sometimes people have junk cars on their property for such a long time and it comes to the point when they have no idea how to remove it from their property. As a Junk Car Removal company, we have all kinds of tow trucks to remove your junk car stuck on your property in any condition. There are always junk car removal companies in your area such as Junk Car Removal Orangeville provides junk car removal service in northern part of the Greater Toronto Area, to be more specific, Orangeville, Grand Valley, Shelburne, East Grafraxa, Mono, Erin and Acton.

Unfortunately there are many companies will give you very high price for your junk car over the phone but they do not pay promised price when it comes to pay in person. Please make sure get firm price and do not get into their false quoted price trap. We always give you our promised price for your junk car.


You will always get maximum cash value for your junk car. You will have best junk car removal experience with our company.

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You will get junk car removal service with us without any hassle. We come to your location to tow your junk car.

  • If you have unwanted car on your property and you want to get that junk car removed.
  • Please pickup Your phone, give us a call and ask us about the value of your junk car.
  • We will ask you a couple of questions and give the best cash value for your car.
  • One of our tow truck drivers will come to your given address and tow away your car.
  • We will provide you a bill of sale that will be acceptable with your insurance company.
  • Tow truck driver will pay you cash for your car on the spot.
  • We pay you cash even before hooking up your car.
  • We are your local junk car buyers
  • Sell your car to a local buyers in your area
  • Within an hour junk car pick up
  • easy junk car sale and purchase process


Junk Car Removal Orangeville just a call away. Please click (647)800-8216 to get started.

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